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Lio Faridani


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Lio Faridani is an accomplished Artist with extensive professional merit. His work is found in collections in Canada, Italy, Switzerland, The United States, The United Kingdom and Iran.

This early interest drew him to Italy, where he earned his Doctorate in Architecture at the University of Florence and Academy of Fine Arts. Whilst in Italy he studied the works of Italys famous artists and sculptures. These influences had a great impact on his life. Lio is a totally self-taught artist whose work reflects the influence of Italian artists whom he considers masters as well as mentors. Since moving to Canada 21 years ago, Lio has had several exhibitions where his work has received raving reviews.

Many of his earlier painting works of watercolor have been shown and sold in Canadian national and international exhibitions. Although Lio still dabbles in watercolor, his preferred medium at the present time is primarily acrylic and oils. His canvas are larger and range from “realism” to “abstract”.

Work can be commissioned to order by E-Mail, Fax or Phone.


The basic concept behind my art is to evoke thought process, to enable a viewer to stimulate their thoughts and to depict in their own mind the images that are conjured up by my work. I do not favor one style of art over another.

Each theme of art needs to be portrayed in different styles to arouse thought and interest. Whether through simple sketches or elaborate extensive artwork, I prefer to express my ideas to the viewer via varied but distinctive styles of paintings.

Every piece of art should have the ability to explain itself to the viewer in one shape or form. Each individual should feel as though the art is communicating to them a certain story, message or emotion. Open mindedness is extremely important to have when viewing this art as it will enable one to grasp the artists expression and interpret it into ones own understanding.


Academy of Fine Arts Florence: 1968-72 Doctorate in Architecture (Ph.D. with Honors) 1966-74 Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence, Italy Public Facilities for Old Florence, Santa Croce Study of Old Florences urban composition and proposal of new public facilities.

This work included research into the cultural and social needs of the community and the preservation of the old tissue of the city, while providing modern amenities.